Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nail Art By Sally Hansen

Have you discovered the art of home nail art? Create a professional looking french manicure at home or cute new designs on your younger girls! This is fun and easy and runs between
$7.00-12.00 from Sally Hansen.

Lets talk Image Skincare.......

Image Skincare

I first heard about these products when my sister introduced me to the cleanser that was selling at NUskin. The product INSTANTLY changed the tone and complection of my skin. I love this product so much I will NEVER use anything else.
our NUskin store closed near us and I couldnt find this cleanser forever, then thanks to my husband who bought a facial at a salon in Scottsdale for my birthday I found the cleanser PLUS the WHOLE LINE of IMAGE skincare.The cleanser is a great everyday cleanser that removes makeup and adds softness to the skin, it is lightly medicated with salicylic acid and is an anti inflamitory,m so it also prevents breakouts.

They also used the SUN product on my face as a makeup primer, moisturizer and sunscreen. I NEVER use sunscreen on my face because i always break out no matter how "sensative" they claim it to be. But we all know how important it is to use sunscreen on your face. This SPF30 moisturizer is amazing at rejuvinating my skin and being the perfect makeup primer without causing breakouts. I use them both every day.

Clear Cell Cleanser selling for 32.00(veried from store to store)
Sun SPF30 Moisturizer selling for 37.00
Go TO www.imageskincare.com/clearcell_salycilic_gel_cleanser.html
for more information

Forever 21

DO YOU LOVE LAUREN CONRAD? then you love blue nailpolish... this one from chanel is selling for 29.99. I found a great look-a-like at FOREVER 21 for only 2.80 what i love LOVE about this is the color is so similar (despite how my camera dims the color of the Forever 21 polish) The consistancy is thick, not thin or cheap, it has a satin finish just like Chanel. i love this color, it really is the perfect blue!


and YOU!

FOREVER 21 FIND... $2.80

I rarely shop at FOREVER 21 anymore, mainley because their sizes make me feel like I am taking entirely too much time losing the baby weight. Today I stopped in and found THIS GREAT STEAL! the PERFECT fit jeggings for only $9.50!! They come in black or blue and will look great when paired with boots!